Presentable hotel requires stylish furniture to go with. TJT-Kaluste will produce you made to measure furniture and even the wider interior concept if needed.

• Reception desks and office furniture
• Space dividers, wall panelling
• Hotel room furniture and fixtures
• Other speciality furniture and interior solutions

Our offering includes cash -and reception desks in wide range of wood and heat moulded solid surfaces like Corian, cabinets, space dividers, wall panelling, fixed restaurant furniture and hotel room fixtures. Naturally we will take safety and practicality in consideration.
We offer over all service to make you project easy. We have a wide and great network of now how from different areas.
If you don’t have ready designs, our proficient furniture designers are at your service.

High quality furniture in hotels is they key factor as interior is under lot of pressure.
We can help you to develop ideas and designs into durable and timeless interior.